Most of this blog is about Theoretical Computer Science. What’s theoretical about computers? Well, there are a lot of questions related to algorithms and computation that are studied from a mathematical point of view. Indeed the first notion of computers and computation has been developed by a mathematician, Alan Turing, even before the birth of actual computers.

The focus of this blog is Propositional Proof Complexity, but I’ll happily wander around to other topics of Computational Complexity and Theoretical Computer Science. For further information about what Proof Complexity is I suggest the following surveys:

Blog’s official languages are English and Italian. I will use the latter mainly for expository articles devoted to non-academic audience.

Massimo Lauria's pictureI am Massimo Lauria, born and raised in Rome, Italy. Currently I am a PostDoc at the School of Computer Science and Communication of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, working in the research group of Jakob Nordström. Of course the views expressed in this blog are personal and are not necessarily shared by any member of KTH.